Fake news media attempting treasonous coup

Linda Blackston Marsh


The claim that the propaganda media are not the enemy of the people while actively trying to bring down an elected president runs from pure lies to all the way to treason.

For one and a half years, the propaganda media has done everything in their power to malign and backstab Trump by any means possible. From taking quotes out of context, to deliberate misquoting him, to phony stories, to pure bullpuck “anonymous sources,” to quoting braying donkeys and assorted democraps, it’s been one long unabated attack to bring him down……a treasonous coup.

Treason…..the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to overthrow the government.

The treasonous propaganda media ARE the enemy of democracy and the people.

The Minot Daily is filled with fake news, any report with AP at the beginning is anti-Trump and fake news.