Progress good measure of local developments

Progress means moving forward toward an end goal or making things better or more advanced. If something is in progress, it is happening or being done now.

Twenty-eight years ago, in 1995, The Minot Daily News began publishing an annual Progress edition and have continued ever since.

This is a special section of multiple pages covering the progress of government, other entities and organizations including businesses and individuals in Minot and area communities.

The first two sections of 2023 Progress are included in today’s print and All-Access online edition of The Minot Daily News. In it and sections to follow throughout the month, readers will learn about communities reaching other communities or working together with other communities.

The Minot Daily News staff spends countless hours planning and working to complete the annual Progress edition to publish every Saturday in April. It is no small feat to accomplish this project each year.

It is a good measure or wrap up of progress underway in Minot and other communities in this region of North Dakota.


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