Kudos to educators for coronavirus response

When all of this is over, teachers across the state will deserve a raise as well as a pat on the back.

When Gov. Doug Burgum closed schools across the state this month in hope of slowing the coronavirus, he also tasked school districts with creating alternate methods of education delivery so kids can continue learning at home during this crisis.

Nearly overnight, many teachers will be expected to master online teaching and other types of alternative education during a highly stressful and uncertain time in our history. So far they all seem to be rising to the challenge admirably. Minot Public Schools Supt. Mark Vollmer said Thursday at the governor’s daily briefing that educators here, like elsewhere in the state, have spent the week preparing a plan and making sure kids will have the materials and technology they will need to continue their studies. At the same time, the school district has continued to provide free meals for kids and people with disabilities through the school nutrition program at different schools.

The governor also deserves credit for granting schools waivers that ensure all school employees can continue to be paid while schools are closed and to give districts the time they need to come up with the best plans for moving forward.

The coming months will be difficult, but teachers will be there to make sure that learning will continue.


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