A new chapter in the life of Dizzy the Clown

Congratulations go out to Ken “Dizzy the Clown” Gillespie of Minot who now is the top clown of the International Shrine Clown Association.

Well done, Ken. And thanks for all the joy you have brought to people young and old in Minot and beyond.

A well-known clown in Minot and the area, Gillespie was installed as president of the association at an awards banquet held in San Antonio, Texas, on Feb. 22. He replaces John “Jay Jay” Joseph of Chicago who was 2019-2020 president.

“I’m very excited about it. I’m very humbled to be chosen and elected,” Gillespie told The Minot Daily News, adding, “I have lots of plans to have activities to help clowns be better clowns.”

There should be no doubt about that. Mentoring others seems to be in his blood.

Gillespie has honed his craft for 46 years now. Born in Missouri but a long-time Minoter, he’s a treasure that we can be proud to call one of our own.

Naturally, Gillespie will be traveling extensively during his term. We’ll be thinking of him often – and smiling for our top clown.


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