Spirit of Christmas evident in Minot

People will be looking high and low today, inside themselves and out for the “meaning” of Christmas.

One doesn’t have to look too hard in the Minot area for a clue.

Two examples pop out in today’s edition of the Minot Daily News: the local man’s public message in the form of a sign proclaiming that the birth of Jesus should be front and center today, and the feature concerning thousands of cookies baked for Minot airmen stuck in Minot over Christmas.

The former is a personal message that many if not most of us firmly agree with.

The latter was an opportunity for locals to demonstrate their kindness, to reach out to somebody they’ve never met and say to them that their lives, their feelings, matter today.

Today’s feature story says in part, “The Minot Spouses Club’s annual Airmen Cookie Drive was a HUGE success, the organization’s Facebook page reported. The posting said: “Over 1,200 dozen cookies (that’s over 144,000!!) were donated for our 1,083 Airmen on base! A big thanks to the MSC (Minot Spouses Club) Board and members who volunteered their time today, and to the City of Minot Chamber of Commerce for facilitating so many of the donations. AND to all the people in Minot and on base who baked and baked and baked for our awesome Airmen! It was such an joyful and fulfilling morning packaging the cookies for the Airmen! (Special thanks to Shannon Howell who headed up the whole event this year!) ‘”

Such a wonderful annual program. Congratulations to everyone involved this year.

We all could use such a reminder today, that we matter. Reach out to one another in a special way, today of all days. Give. Share. Merry Christmas, Minot.