Entrepreneurship not dead in Minot

What a joy to learn about a recent program at Minot State University.

Students in Tracey Mays’ Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation class presented their ideas for new start-up fictitious businesses to judges and other interested spectators over the noon hour on Wednesday at Minot State.

Ideas presented included a creative food truck, a local product delivery service, a craft brewery and others. Student groups created and presented five business proposals in all. Each booth visitor asked questions about the business and gave play money to “invest” in their favorite business.

The students were competing to see who could amass the most play money and popular votes from the visitors to their booths. Judges from local banks also judged the business proposal and indicated which of the five they would choose to invest money in.

Some students indicated they would like to transform their fictitious ones into real ones, which might be the ultimate accomplishment of the program should it happen.

It isn’t the easiest time for entrepreneurs. Government appears to look at them merely as entities to tax and some politicians refuse to admit that business owners even “built” their businesses, instead citing the power and glory of government. Despite being the backbone of the American economy, small, private business gets little respect or support from the federal government.

Kudos to Tracey Mays, her work at MSU and to the students who have responded to it.

Minot Daily News looks forward to seeing how productive the outstanding young people Mays helps mold become, and hopes their efforts will help continue to build Minot.