A thing that should not be

During the Trump Presidency, the media and his critics made it clear that if he were to follow through on his campaign promise to prosecute and “lock up” his opponent in the 2016 campaign, that it would signal the death knell of democracy and convert us into some kind of “banana republic.”

This last week, Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced that possible prosecution of the former president is on the table over his handling of the events of Jan. 6, 2021. This announcement isn’t being met with condemnation. On the contrary the media and political classes are all but calling for his head as they crow about how “no one is above the law.”

One could take this news at face value, but to do that, one would have to ignore a great deal of the decisions and actions taken by our nation’s Industrial Bureaucratic Complex.

Recently, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has claimed that whistleblowers have approached him, alleging a massive coverup operation to protect then candidate Biden and his family from concerns over their business dealings overseas. Whistleblowers claim that agents took deliberate steps to falsely categorize derogatory information in Hunter Biden’s emails about his family’s activities as disinformation, even though the investigators had verified that the files and emails were genuine.

If these allegations are true, then our last election was once again one tainted by the stain of our federal bureaucrats in law and order not taking action against their favored champion, while working overtime behind the scenes to cut down and mitigate any threat from those opposing them.

Recall the snafu created by then AG Loretta Lynch being caught having a discrete tarmac meeting with the husband of the principal subject of an FBI investigation, then Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Not wanting the responsibility of holding that water before the media or the American people, Lynch ignored process and put the decision in the hands of FBI Director James Comey, and we all know how their playing favorites worked out for all of us.

After his election, Trump associates received no knock raids in the early morning with CNN on hand to broadcast it live, while others like Carter Page were even scrutinized by rubberstamped FISA warrants that used the fabled Steele Dossier as rationale for the surveillance.

From Comey and Lynch’s hot potato handling of the Clinton Email Fiasco, the FBI’s role in legitimizing the Steel Dossier, to this blatant and fetid partisanship in support of Biden in 2020, it seems we can objectively say that these entities are putting great efforts toward priorities alien to their mandates of upholding truth, justice, and the American way, and largely have done so with zero consequence or accountability.

Consider their efforts to obfuscate the truth about Hunter Biden’s drug addictions and lecherous lifestyle, which was funded entirely by dubious business dealings amongst nations looking to curry favor with his father. While the FBI infamously sowed the seeds and fanned the flames around the narrative that the Trump Presidency was a “Manchurian Administration”, they have also taken deliberate steps to cover up that Biden could very well be one himself.

The FBI fed their lies to journalists and tech companies just as willing to shred their ethics and censor the narrative throughout the 2020 election. Dozens of former intelligence officials released a statement labeling the entire Hunter Biden Laptop “Russian disinformation,” which only empowered our media and technology gatekeepers to act against it.

For some reason they all preferred Biden, and were willing to bend over backwards to drag him from resident to President no matter how low they sank to do it. The fact we’re still here chewing on this story is evidence it isn’t going away, no matter how hard federal investigators work to slow roll and sabotage the process.

Which begs the question, given these recent revelations, why hasn’t AG Garland recused himself and his office from taking the lead on investigating the matter surrounding the president’s son?

This was expected of Trump’s AG Jeff Sessions, who was pressured to appoint a special prosecutor enabling the circus that was the investigation into supposed Russian collusion, but it is something Garland has adamantly refused to do. Apparently with the Biden Administration, ethics has returned to the office, and accusations of possible conflict of interest are unfounded. Curious, isn’t it?

Not so curious when one looks back on the track record these institutions have had in recent history. This same FBI and DOJ were also involved with the planning and staging of an alleged attempted kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2020, a case that has since largely been thrown out as the principal actors and drivers of the scheme were FBI informants or undercovers.

Dozens of examples exist since the beginning of the War on Terror of our “heroic” FBI basically entrapping individuals into becoming the boogieman of the moment for crimes they never would have embarked on themselves without the direction and influence of undercover agents or informants.

Who exactly does all this serve? It serves the FBI, and gives the public the impression they’re doing their jobs to keep us safe. But are they really?

Whatever the FBI has accomplished since the reign of J. Edgar Hoover in the realms of crime scene investigation, human psychology, and standards for law enforcement, it has been undone by the ideologically possessed. Trust in our institutions is at historic lows, and it is largely due to the inability of the people working for them to resist the influences of partisan desires.

What is undeniable is this: the FBI has morphed into “a thing that should not be,” and quite possibly always has been one.

If the American people, are expected to trust the actions and activities of institutions as unaccountable as these, simply because of the authority they possess, then this isn’t a free country any longer and has more in common with life behind the Iron Curtain in East Berlin during the heights of the Cold War.

No one should be shocked that should the day come that the American citizenry has had enough and won’t take it anymore, those in power will simply begin warming up the tanks.


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