How to address smoky air conditions

Should air quality conditions worsen, the Environmental Protection Agency advises the public to reschedule outdoor work tasks. If outdoor work or travel can not be put off, according to the agency use N95 respirator masks outdoors and avoid using cloth masks as they do not offer enough protection from the smoke.

Clean air conditions can be maintained indoors through keeping spaces cool, a portable air cleaner, or running a residence’s central air or HVAC system on the “recirculate” setting.

“You’re already doing the right thing by just looking at the air quality index. People who are especially affected by that, seniors, children, if you have asthma or lung problems in general – if that air quality gets too low, you’re going to want to limit your time outside,” Megan Jones, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Bismarck, said. “With poor air quality in general, especially if it gets too much worse like with near surface smoke, limiting your time outside is the best thing you can do.”


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