Parkview residents receive notice to vacate

No timeline given for closure of community

Charles Crane/MDN A worker removes skirting from a vacant mobile home at Parkview Mobile Home Park on Thursday afternoon to prepare it to be moved to another Homes of America community in Minot.

After weeks of speculation, the residents of the Parkview Mobile Home Park in Minot were notified on Wednesday that their leases would not be renewed and the community will close in anticipation of the Milestone 2 Phase of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project.

The written notice was left on porches and vehicles, but residents had shared speculation on social media that the news was coming after work began on removing the skirting from vacant rental units to prepare them for relocation to other Homes of America-owned communities Western Village and Holiday Park in Minot. A number of homes already have been moved and many more were being prepared for relocation on Thursday.

Parkview management said in the notice that all residents will be required to vacate the park, that leases would not be renewed when they expire, and that no timeline was set on the official closure of the community. Current Parkview residents will be given the opportunity to relocate available units to HOA’s other communities. Current Parkview residents with time remaining on a previously signed one-year lease were directed to contact management to discuss their options.

Parkview management offered no comment other than they have directed their residents to contact the MREFPP directly with any questions or concerns. Another Homes of America representative was contacted through the number included on the notice, but the call was ended before a comment could be provided.

Sabrina Herrmann, communications director for the Mouse River Plan and Souris River Joint Board, said the organization has not sent any letters to property owners in the Milestone 2 area as they are currently only beginning work on the design for that phase. Herrmann said construction would likely begin down the road in 2026 or 2027. Though Parkview management’s notice directed residents to contact MREFPP, Herrman said the project was not involved in any way with the decision to close the community.

“We are fielding calls because they put our office number on it. We only have a connection to the flood project. We have nothing to do with when they have to vacate, and if the property is being purchased, that would be an agreement with the owner in the city,” Herrmann said.

Chris Plank, the City of Minot Office of Resilience Disaster Recovery grant administrator, confirmed the city is in the negotiation process with Parkview’s owners but said the city has received no communication from them regarding the community’s closure. Plank said he was reaching out to Parkview about the notice, but management has been unresponsive.

“The city has not received any communication from the park requiring the residents having to move by a certain date, and the city has not set any deadlines. That may be a Parkview decision. We are in the process of identifying residents of the park as they may be entitled to relocation benefits under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act,” Plank said.


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