City recycling sees 80% participation

Minot’s curbside recycling program has an 80% participation rate after an opt-out period ended in October.

City of Minot Recycling Coordinator Christina Wolf said 2,486 households, or 20% of the garbage customers, opted out of the program and have had their containers reclaimed by the city. Wolf said the opt-out rate was similar to what was expected going into the program in July.

She said residents can opt back in at any time. The monthly fee for recycling is $2.50.

The 9,816 customers who remain in the program have the option of changing cart sizes, and in some cases there has been interest in obtaining a second cart.

The recycling program takes many types of plastics, aluminum cans, steel and tin cans, cardboard, paper items and newspaper.

“We are still seeing some items that are not acceptable,” Wolf said, noting plastic bags are the most frequent offender. “It’s going to take some education still.”


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