Life transition can hold great possibilities

Most seniors, when they look at and consider their lives, during that process, consider how, as they are growing older and retire, will be able to care for themselves. Aging and retirement can give way to feelings of emptiness and loneliness as well as cause them to question how they will move from one day to the next.

It is a transition in life that most will face, and many will struggle to embrace.

The life transition into a senior living facility can seem like a life launch that arrived fast and furious like a space shuttle headed to the moon. In fact, it can create a feel of being alienated from the life they once knew and separated from a world they had invested their whole life building and now required to leave behind.

Their home and family are what their heart holds most precious as they age. For many seniors, it is all they feel they have left. All the memories of family gatherings and special moments, major life transition and life launches in their careers and children’s lives took place in their home. Moving forward in life rarely feels like a positive option at this age.

There is a couple here at The Wellington, who informed their family as they were reaching this stage in life toward senior living that they were going to start preparing and practicing for the change. They toured several senior living places and once they found one that had the home like feel they were looking for they moved into the facility for the Winter months only over the next five years to prepare for their move into senior living.

Today they are now two years into full-time senior living still enjoying their independence, active in our community physically, mentally, spiritually and they have made dear friends along their journey. Acceptance and preparation for what was to come as they aged, were key elements in their successful transition into senior living.

We understand not everyone has this option of time to prepare as our senior couple above. Some seniors are forced into senior living without a choice for several reasons due to unexpected health issue. But there is one thing that can help most seniors get ready for this life transition.

Acceptance of the possibilities this life transition can bring and knowing that at any time this change can enter one’s life unexpected, or they can do like our couple here at The Wellington did by starting the transition by touring facilities and finding the one that fit and felt most like home to them. Regardless of how the transition arrives it can in some respects be done with ease.

May your next transition or life launch, whichever it may be, be met with the thoughts of acceptance and possibility of that change. For in life if there is one thing we can depend on, it is change. Closing one chapter to begin the next can hold great possibilities and you can hold the pen in writing that new chapter.


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