Health, wellness coach taps away pain

Jen Brodal/MDN Charlene Smart is shown in her practitioner room at the Chirocare Family Center at 309 27th St. NW in Minot.

Charlene Smart is a health and wellness coach who addresses emotional and physical pain in the body.

Smart said many times what we carry with us causes problems in our bodies. She offers techniques in energy healing and Reiki.

Reiki is believed to be an ancient practice in healing the body through gently guiding the body’s vital energy through touch. Using EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques — Intuitive Reiki, heart coherence and through use of energy psychology techniques, Smart helps alleviate emotional and physical pain.

Smart has a practitioner room at the Chirocare Family Center at 309 27th St. NW in Minot. She said sessions can be conducted in Minot, Bowbells and even remotely. Remaining fully-clothed and seated in a comfortable position, clients of any age are guided through tapping points found on the body.

Acupressure points are found in many spots, along both sides of a person’s body. Tapping these points along with positive affirmation helps to calm the mind and body, Smart said. She said there are useful tools a person can take away from a session that can help when they are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.

Smart said it is exciting to watch her clients overcome their emotional struggles, whether it is the effects of something that happened years ago or a current situation that is weighing them down. She said realizing clarity is sometimes hard to find in a stressed and anxious mind.

Smart said she is a certified Reiki Master and Clinical EFT practitioner mixing cognitive and exposure therapy by helping the body to release any negativity associated with a memory. She said the memory cannot be taken away but the trauma associated with it can be taken away.

Mixing talk therapy with acupressure creates a safe passage for the body to let go of negative emotions and energy.

Smart will be hosting a Breaking Free of Stress workshop on Sept.10 at 10 a.m., at the Minot Public Library. To find out more about EFT and the other techniques Smart offers, visit www.healinglightwellness.com or call 335-6419.


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