Security equipment to be installed at Minot airport

Two state-of-the-art advanced technology Computed Tomography checkpoint scanners that provide 3-D imaging will be installed starting July 5 at the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at Minot International Airport, according to the TSA. The new equipment is to be in place by July 15.

“Along with providing critical explosives detection capabilities, this new technology improves the ability for our TSA officers to determine whether an item inside a carry-on bag is a possible threat,” said North Dakota TSA Federal Security Director David Durgan.

Certain lanes may be closed during this process. During times of high volume, delays and lines are possible at the checkpoint. Passengers should arrive at the airport two hours before their flights and keep prohibited items out of their carry-on bags to help ensure an efficient screening experience for everyone.

“We are excited for the implementation of the new technology and the ease of use it will provide,” said Jennifer Eckman, Minot airport director. “We are here to assist wherever necessary as we make this transition. Please be wary of travel changes and arrive early. Thank you for your patience during this time.”

This equipment is similar to what is used to scan checked baggage for explosive devices. It has been “sized” to fit at checkpoints to create such a clear image of a bag’s contents that the system can automatically detect explosives, including liquids, by shooting hundreds of images with an X-ray camera spinning around the conveyor belt to provide TSA officers with the three-dimensional views of the contents of a carry-on bag. Checkpoint CT technology should result in fewer bag checks. Passengers using this machine will be permitted to leave laptops and other electronic devices in their carry-on bags.

Airline travelers at the Minot airport and elsewhere also will soon need to show a driver’s license or identification card with a yellow star on it, indicating that it is a REAL ID-compliant credential. The new REAL ID will be required beginning May 3, 2023.

To obtain a REAL ID, people can visit their local driver’s license office. All North Dakota sites are currently conducting operations by appointment only. To obtain a REAL ID-compliant license, people will need to bring along documents to establish North Dakota residency and U.S. citizenship. They will need one proof of identity, one proof of legal presence, two proofs of North Dakota residency, one proof of their Social Security number and a current driver’s license.

The REAL ID requirements were passed by the U.S. Congress in 2005 and are intended to reduce identity fraud.


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