ND senators issue statements on gun control legislation

North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven and Sen. Kevin Cramer and Rep. Kelly Armstrong all issued statements in opposition to gun control legislation in the U.S. Senate.

“I believe we need to do more to secure our schools but I am concerned that the red flag provisions in the Murphy/Cornyn bill will unfairly infringe on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, which is why I voted against it,” said Hoeven. “Also, that’s why I have cosponsored the Safe Schools Act which provides additional resources for school security, training for law enforcement, better enforcement of our current laws, and more mental health resources.”

“I am committed to policies addressing mental health and securing our schools, but I cannot condone the infringement on Americans’ constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment liberties,” said Cramer. “Further, this bill was crafted without any committee process or refining amendments. It is past time for the Senate to function within its rules and designed structure. At the end of the day, I cannot support legislation which restricts the Second Amendment right to bear arms for law-abiding American citizens.”

Rep. Kelly Armstrong also issued a statement.

“The Constitution guarantees that Americans’ Second Amendment rights shall not be infringed. This gun control package restricts law-abiding citizens from exercising those rights,” said Armstrong.

I am particularly concerned that this bill does not ensure a right to counsel. Due process should be afforded to everyone before their constitutional rights are restricted, even those that cannot afford their own attorney. Depriving Americans a constitutional right without full due process protections is wrong.

“This bill also opens state juvenile court and mental health records to federal agencies. Opening juvenile records to be used against a person in adulthood goes against every reason the juvenile court system exists.

“This bill will not make our communities safer, but will chip away at constitutional rights Americans hold.”


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