The Salvation Army’s Emergency Model

Jen Brodal/MDN John Woodard is shown outside the Salvation Army Church in Minot.

Thanks to the “very impressive community of Minot” at present the local Salvation Army is doing fine, said Capt. John Woodard.

Even in this financial climate, donations are waning but it is the time of year that typically sees a downturn. Peak season for the Salvation Army donations is the holiday season, with the Red Kettle contributions.

The Salvation Army, located at 315 Western Avenue has been in Minot since 1955. Prior to this location, the organization was in the Minot area for 100 years. However, the Salvation Army thrift store, located at 1933 S. Broadway, has been closed for a year — another casualty of the pandemic.

The Salvation Army has an emergency model for taking action in the community. With services including an emergency food pantry that includes bakery items and supplemental produce through affiliated sources, rent and utility assistance, prescription aid, school supply and winter clothing donations, as well as after-hours emergency help, the Salvation Army is doing fine for this community. Some of the other services the organization hopes to include, as funds are available, would be transportation needs and other miscellaneous and previously unmet needs.

The Salvation Army church is a non-denominational church and a part of the larger Universal Evangelical church. The Salvation Army appoints its captains in five- to seven-year increments, across 136 countries with mission work around the world.

John and Faith Woodard are both ministers to the church of approximately 35-40 congregants. In their fourth year of service in Minot, the Woodards have been encouraged by Minot’s community and the willingness of the community to show its faith and give a helping hand to those in need.

Part of The Salvation Army’s outreach is occasionally collaborating with food pantries. While the Salvation Army is not an official food pantry, it is able to support emergency situations. The Salvation Army collaborates with the Minot Police Department and the Minot Area Homeless Coalition.

John Woodard also has reached out to Trinity Hospital as a way to bring support to mental and behavioral emergencies.

The Salvation Army’s emergency model in the community benefits the less fortunate and marginalized, but brings gifts to all. Volunteers are always useful and more information can be found on how to help on its Facebook page, Minot Salvation Army, or by calling 838-8925.


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