Minot author debuts poetry book for mothers

Submitted Photo Minot author Dominique Snedeker has published her first book, “Motherhood: The Crucible of Love.”

There’s poetry in parenting, and a Minot author seeks to capture it in her first book release.

U.S. Air Force veteran and military spouse Dominique Snedeker will release her poetry collection, “Motherhood: The Crucible of Love,” Friday, in time for National Poetry Month in April and Mother’s Day in May. Perfect for mothers of all ages, the book explores and celebrates both the angst and the glory of parenting.

When Snedeker left her Air Force career destined for marriage and parenting, she struggled with assimilating into her new role, eventually writing about the existential crisis that is true for all parents.

“Poetry speaks to the soul,” Snedeker said. “There is such pain and beauty in parenting, and poetry is the perfect medium for exploring that dichotomy.”

Snedeker, whose family has been stationed in Minot for the past four years, said she has been writing since she was a young child. Although this is her publishing debut, she has high hopes for the book.

“This is for all mothers to know that confusion, joy and frustration are all a part of it. Parents really, not just moms, are not alone in trying to figure it all out as they go,” she said.

In figuring out the publishing world, Snedeker turned to the Facebook page of Moms Who Write. That led to a connection with another mom figuring it out – Stacy Brevard-Mays, the owner of the small publishing house, Hear Our Voice LLC, of Elgin, South Carolina.

“We started the company for schoolchildren to educate and nurture budding authors,” Mays said. Although the COVID-19 pandemic forced a change in tactics, the company is set to publish “Motherhood: The Crucible of Love” as its second release. But there is more to come.

“We already have 30 authors signed. We’re looking to find those special books that might get missed by the bigger publishing companies,” Mays said.

“Motherhood: The Crucible of Love” can be purchased after Friday in local bookstores or online from bookstores in e-book or paperback.

Asked why she is publishing now, Snedeker responds, “It is time. I’ve always wanted to publish and I finally have something to say now that I’ve got two in elementary, one on the hip, and half my brain back. I have one grandmother left. I want her to know that she did well. It was hard. Right now is hard. But we can get through it.”

Snedeker has multiple projects in the works, including two other poetry books, a memoir about her time in the Middle East and a children’s book about overcoming fears. Her upcoming book, “Natasha and the Truck,” is based on a story her grandfather used to tell her and her experiences from a trip to Ukraine. Proceeds of the book will be donated to Ukrainian relief.

As a military spouse, Snedeker spent the last eight years as a full-time mom in multiple locations. She spent the previous eight years in the U.S. Air Force, three of which were spent doing military training liaison work in the Sultanate of Oman. Snedeker graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with a bachelor’s degree in English. She graduated from King’s High School near Seattle, in Shoreline, Washington.

Keep track of her activities at dmsnedeker.com.


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