Armstrong votes against federal takeover of elections

Congressman Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D., voted on Thursday against federalizing America’s election process.

H.R. 5746 would disregard state voter identification laws, force states to legalize ballot harvesting, give billions of public dollars to political campaigns, and make the U.S. Attorney General the “Elections Czar” with the power to change state election laws and circumvent state constitutional processes.

“Democrats in Congress are making a blatant attempt to nationalize our elections and take power away from the states,” said Armstrong. “Their proposal would limit states like North Dakota from implementing commonsense voter I.D. laws, funnel taxpayer dollars to political campaigns, and impose a one-size-fits-all-plan overseen by Washington bureaucrats. North Dakotans should run our own elections, not the federal government. The Democrats’ overreach will only serve to consolidate power in politicians’ hands and further erode confidence in our electoral process.”


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