Food pharmaceutical company plans expansion to Minot

U.S. Foods & Pharmaceuticals, Inc., announced Tuesday that it looks to expand its 14-year-old company into Minot. It proposes to bring pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution storage to the community.

The company currently does business in Madison, Wisconsin, and manufactures a product called Bonesse in California. A growing and expanding company, U.S. Foods & Pharmaceuticals requires additional manufacturing and resources, according to Sen. Oley Larsen, R-Minot, who has been engaged with the company regarding its plans.

U.S. Food & Pharmaceuticals initially will produce Bonesse in Minot and will continue with nine other U.S. patented and worldwide patented product lines. Bonesse is a whey-based product. Three clinical studies at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, in conjunction with UW Medical School, involving 80 post-menopausal women, concluded Bonesse led to favorable outcomes in body and bone health.

The company believes Minot is the perfect geographical location to expand, with the available work force, commercial space and low operational costs, Larsen stated in a news release. Minot’s infrastructure system of intermodal rail, multiple highway system and international airport provide additional advantages.

Larsen said the company is communicating with North Dakota agencies regarding assistance in moving operations to the state.


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