North Dakota remains a leader in election administration in the U.S.

BISMARCK – North Dakota earned top state ranking in the 2018 MIT Election Performance Index, as the state has in five of the last six indexes.

The EPI uses 17 indicators that range from wait times at the polls and voter turnout, to issues with absentee ballots, voter registration or voting technology in ranking states.

The index, released Thursday, helps voters, policymakers, and election officials compare their state with its own past performance, as well as the performance of other states.

“North Dakota’s unique position that allows citizens to vote without pre-registering makes the state’s elections the most accessible in the country,” North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger said. “Further, North Dakota’s election laws and processes provide security and assurance against fraud, resulting in, as MIT has recognized, an incredibly easy but secure election process.”

“The EPI, when it was launched, provided the first objective, nonpartisan measure of election performance in each state. With the 2018 data added, the index now provides a decade of data for election officials, policymakers, and voters looking for insights on how well elections are being managed, “ EPI Director Charles Stewart III said.

North Dakota’s ranking in the EPI was first in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014.

“As in past election cycles, North Dakota’s strong showing in Election Performance is also because of the state’s 53 county auditors, their dedicated employees, and the election workers, who are dedicated in providing efficient and accurate elections year-after-year for North Dakota citizens. Again, this year, they are working hard during challenging times to conduct another successful election,” Jaeger said.


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