Produced water spill occurs near Keene

KEENE – A leak in a pipeline running from a treater to a produced water storage tank caused a spill on a well pad located 10 miles northwest of Keene. The well is operated by Newfield Production Company.

The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality was notified of the spill.

The incident was originally reported on May 4 by Newfield as a 30-barrel spill that occurred on May 2. The cause of the spill was a leak in the 2-inch polyethylene pipeline. At that time Newfield estimated that 30 barrels of produced water surfaced on the well pad and flowed off, impacting rangeland.

Subsequent investigation and production trend analysis now estimate that 850 barrels of produced water may have been released.

Personnel from the NDDEQ have been inspecting the site and will continue to monitor the investigation and remediation.


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