10 Trinity Health staff retested negative for COVID-19

Ten Trinity Health employees who initially tested positive for COVID-19 are now confirmed negative following retesting in response to an equipment malfunction at the North Dakota State Laboratory.

At a joint news conference in Minot on Tuesday, it was announced nine tested negative and one was still awaiting results.

The State Health Department announced that its lab had experienced a malfunction on two pieces of equipment, resulting in 82 tests across North Dakota, including 19 from Ward County, being ruled inconclusive and in need of retesting.

The group included 10 staff members from Trinity Health. Upon retesting, all 10 tests came back negative, which means the individuals may be released from surveillance, along with their close contacts.

Four other Trinity Health employees who were reported positive for COVID-19 as part of the same testing initiative did not have their status changed, as those samples were reportedly not processed on the malfunctioning equipment. They will continue to self-isolate and follow return-to-work guidelines.

Trinity Health will conduct the second phase of sentinel testing of its workforce next week, according to Randy Schwan, vice president.


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