City of Williston declares Emergency Municipal Declaration in response to COVID-19

The Williston City Commission signed an emergency municipal declaration for the City of Williston on Thursday in response to the public health crisis arising out of the novel coronavirus. The declaration will remain in place until further notice.

By declaring a state of emergency, the City resolves to take all necessary actions to combat the negative effects of the coronavirus on behalf of its citizens. The City intends to secure emergency funding to the extent allowable by declaring an emergency.

The City’s declaration follows the declaration of a local state of emergency by the Williams County Commission and a state of emergency declared by the Governor of North Dakota.

As the public continues to adjust to this period, Williston Mayor Howard Klug commends residents for taking extra precautions.

“For the general public, this declaration of a state of emergency should not come as a surprise, as we all know how serious this pandemic is. Please continue to do your part by following safe health practices and maintaining a safe distance from others at all times. We also commend the Park District for closing playgrounds to further reduce the risk of exposure to surfaces and people,” said Klug.

In addition, the City of Williston has extended the closure of it offices to the public until April 20. All essential operations will continue to operate normally.


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