Phillip Gillam fined for harassing emergency personnel for second time in a month

Phillip Andrew Gillam, 28, Minot, was fined $500 Monday for harassing emergency personnel for the second time in a month.

Gillam pleaded guilty to an A misdemeanor for calling 911 on March 12 and making a false report that his girlfriend was having heart trouble. The ambulance was called and responded at 2:21 a.m. but it was not needed. Gillam was drunk at the time.

Gillam pleaded guilty last month to another Class A misdemeanor harassment of emergency personnel charge, also when he was drunk. On Feb. 8, he called an emergency dispatcher and asked if they like marijuana. He then called a second time and did not have an emergency to report. He had made three previous calls to 911 on Feb. 7 and had made repetitive calls to the crime prevention office on Feb. 8, all without reporting any emergency situation. He was also fined $500 for that offense.


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