Minot sees steady construction in 2019

Building continued in 2019 despite drop in permits

File Photo A house is under construction in southeast Minot last May. There were 67 building permits issued in Minot for single-family homes in 2019.

The dollar value of Minot’s building permit activity dropped sharply in 2019, even as construction continued at a steady pace.

Figures from the city building inspection office show $35.35 million of building permit activity last year, down from $214 million in 2018.

The difference, which appears huge, largely reflects $130 million in permit activity by Trinity Health in 2018 for construction of a new medical complex and clinic as well as about $45 million in city public works projects. Although the city didn’t see that same building permit activity in 2019, construction is continuing on both the medical complex and flood protection.

Outside of those areas, construction has remained fairly stable.

Last year saw 67 permits for single-family homes, which was about the same as the 68 permits in 2018. There were four townhouse permits in 2019 and two in 2018. In addition, there were two store/customer service permits and one bank/office last year, compared to four store/customer service permits in 2018.

Residential remodels and additions accounted for $2.76 million in activity in 2019, up slightly from $2.56 million in 2018. Commercial remodels and additions were $18.46 million, up from $15.66 million in 2018.

Luke Tillema, Minot’s new building inspector, said he expects 2020 to be more of the same in the building industry.

“It looks like it’s going to be a fairly steady year,” he said. Trinity is expected to take out permits this summer for another phase of construction on its medical complex, and the flood protection project continues to be ongoing.

“We are starting to have a stronger residential market,” Tillema said. “There are a couple of newer developments that are kind of pulling the trigger soon.”

There’s also signs of potential commercial activity in southwest Minot, and some commercial developments that put up shells last year will be finished out by buyers or tenants this year, he said.

Minot building permit activity:

2019: $35.35 million

2018: $214.21 million

2017: $43.85 million

2016: $71.55 million

2015: $151.24 million

2014: $182.89 million

2013: $261.15 million

2012: $304.95 million

2011: $204.57 million

Source: Minot City Inspection


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