McCormack publishes ‘Ordinary Life, Extraordinary God!’

Minot Daily News columnist is now published author

Andrea Johnson/MDN Helen McCormack holds her new book “Ordinary Life, Extraordinary God!”

Longtime Minot Daily News religion columnist Helen McCormack has just published a book that is a compilation of many of the devotionals she has written over the years.

The book, “Ordinary Life, Extraordinary God!” is available online at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com and also through westbowpress.com McCormack hopes that it will soon be available at local booksellers as well and that she will hold book signings at the local stores yet this spring.

McCormack writes about everyday kinds of experiences, some funny, some not so funny, that have taught her some important lessons about faith and what she believes God wants to teach them.

Over the years, McCormack has been a speech therapist, a puppeteer for a handicapped awareness program, a church administrator, and a classroom teacher in psychology, family living, and special education.

She is the mother of two and the grandmother of three.

McCormack and her husband, David, have also been adventurous world travelers for God.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, the McCormacks felt God was calling them to missionary work in Lithuania. They worked for Lithuania Christian College, where David McCormack taught mathematics and Helen McCormack was an administrative assistant for the chair of the business department and also did some cooking for Bible study groups and talked with people about God. After so many years under communism, many of the students at the school had learned nothing about Christianity. The McCormacks spent about a year in all in Lithuania, including one semester and a couple of study sessions.

They later returned to Minot and, years later, decided to go to Germany, where they taught at the Black Forest Academy, a school for children of missionaries.

Her devotionals draw from her early life, her experiences in Lithuania and Germany, and their return to Minot.

McCormack said many people have read her devotionals in the years and they inspired her to publish her book.

“I’ve had phone calls, emails and even had nurses crowd into my room at clinics to thank me for my devotionals,” she said. “One even prayed for me before she would let me leave.”

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