Anna Day, Minot, sentenced to time served, probation, for child neglect

Anna Marie Day, 41, Minot, was sentenced on Thursday to 360 days in jail, all suspended but the 42 days she has already served, and two years of supervised probation for Class C felony child neglect.

Court records show that the prosecution dropped two other Class C felony child neglect charges against Day.

Judge Doug Mattson also ordered Day to obtain a chemical dependency evaluation and to have no contact with the three children for two years. She was also ordered to pay $500 in court costs.

Day was drunk and when her oldest child, a 15-year-old girl, came home from a friend’s house in February and she did not know where her two younger children, a 6-year-old and a 9-year-old, were. The neighbors had told the girl that police had been there earlier and had taken the children to the police station. The girl texted her friend’s foster mother and that woman picked up the teenager and took her home with her for the night because she didn’t feel comfortable leaving her with Day. According to court records, employees at the younger children’s school took the youngsters to the police department because there was no answer to a knock on the door when the school bus dropped them off at their home and the door was locked. Police tried all of the known contact numbers to locate the children’s parents and got no answer. Police sent officers back to the residence and they got no answer at the door and saw that all the curtains were drawn. Children were then turned over to Ward County Social Services.

Day called the police department that evening looking for her two younger children. Her speech was slurred and she sounded drunk. She was told the children were with Social Services.

Police then returned to her residence the following day and placed Day under arrest on outstanding warrants and the new charges. Day told authorities that she needed to turn off the oven in the house as it was the only source of heat in the residence.


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