Amtrak to temporarily stop taking cash at stations & aboard trains

Amtrak passenger train service will temporarily stop taking cash at the Minot station and other stations and aboard its trains. Only cashless payments will be accepted in stations and on trains.

Marc Magliari, a spokesman for Amtrak based in Chicago, said the measure is being taken for public health reasons.

He said Amtrak will accept reloadable credit/debit cards with a Mastercard, Visa, etc., logo and Amtrak Gift Cards as payment for tickets.

Magliari said signage is being produced for stations with ticket windows such as in Minot and a notification to Amtrak’s Customer Service representatives has taken place. Daily Empire Builder service is being maintained, with the size of the trains (number of rail cars) reduced to account for lower demand largely due to public health travel restrictions, Magliari said.

For more information about “Coronavirus Updates and Service Impacts” visit the Amtrak website at amtrak.com.

– Eloise Ogden


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