4-H youth take part in Northwest District Archery Match

Submitted Photo Gage Schenfisch takes aim during the Northwest Archery Shoot in Minot.

Forty-two Ward County 4-H youth participated in the Northwest District Archery Match on Feb. 1 at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds in Minot.

Indoor Archery Matches are split up by age and bow type divisions. Ages are Beginner 8 to 10; Junior 11 to 13; Senior 14 to 18; and Masters who are at least 14 years old and have qualified for the national contest. Barebow and Freestyle are the bow types. Barebow has no sights or releases and Freestyle has either a sight or a release.

Winning the Masters Freestyle division was Ethan Myers, Minot, with a score of 299. Winning the Senior Freestyle division was Tate Novodvorsky, Douglas, with a score of 293. Also representing Ward County were Sarah Potts, Kaden Korgel, Jacob Saunders, Karter Myers, and Ethan Johnson, all of Minot, and Taylor Cattin of Kenmare.

Winning the Senior Barebow division was K. Korgel with a score of 277. T. Novodvorsky, placed 2nd with a score of 260. Also representing Ward County were E. Myers, E. Johnson, Saunders and K. Myers. The team of K. Korgel, T. Novodvorsky, E. Myers and E. Johnson won the Senior Barebow division.

Competing in the Junior Freestyle division representing Ward County were Teagan Strilcov, Layne Korgel, Makayla Kraft, Collin Mindt, Elizabeth Kraft, and MaKayla Johnson, all of Minot, Clay Fegley, Berthold, Brooklyn Bloms, Carpio, Miranda Novodvorsky, Douglas, and Clay Carpenter, Granville.

Submitted Photo All Junior and Beginner archers aim from the same distance with a leg on each side the blue line set 15 yards from the target. From left to right are Elise Helwig, Kiley Whillock and Levi Potts.

In the Junior Barebow division Brooklyn Bloms placed ninth with a score of 237. Also representing Ward County were L. Korgel, M. Novodvorsky, Elizabeth Michel, Berthold, Abigail Potts, Carpio, Grayson Hannegrefts, and Baylee Bahnsen, both from Minot, and M. Johnson.

In the Beginner Freestyle division Olivia Johnson, Minot, received third place with a score of 128. Cole Whitcher, Minot, placed seventh with a score of 118. Brynlee Bloms, Carpio, placed 10th with a score of 109. Also representing Ward County were Tyson Perdue, Gage Schenfisch, Ryia Beeter and Ty Murphy, all from Minot. Elise Helwig, Kiley Whillock, and Cooper Cattin, all from Kenmare. Faith Carpenter, Granville, Wade Asmundson, Berthold, and Levi Potts, Carpio. The team of O. Johnson, Whitcher, Brynlee Bloms and Perdue placed second in the Beginner Freestyle division.

In the Beginner Barebow division Brynlee Bloms placed fourth with a score of 206. Also representing Ward County were Cheyenne Degenstein and Abrielle Michel, both from Berthold, Breanna Mindt, Beeter, Clara Potts, Lillyanna Wright, Mason Hanson and Reagan Bahnsen, all of Minot. The team of Brynlee Bloms, Degenstein, B. Mindt and Beeter earned second place in the Beginner Barebow division.

Ward County 4-H volunteers hosted the Northwest District Archery Match.

Submitted Photo Tate Novodvorsky, left, and Ethan Myers, right, take aim during the Senior and Master Freestyle flight during the Northwest District Archery Match.

Submitted Photo Archers take aim in the beginner and junior Barebow division. From left to right are MaKayla Johnson, Clara Potts and Abigail Potts.