Brent Castleman faces new violation of a judicial order charges, stalking charge

Five additional charges of Class A misdemeanor disobedience of a judicial order and one additional class A misdemeanor charge of stalking have been filed against Brent Allen Castleman, 52, of Minot, who was already facing felony child abuse and misdemeanor disobedience of a judicial order and stalking charges in other cases.

The latest charges allegedly date back to Dec. 15, 2019. The charges were filed on Jan. 7 and a request has been made to assign the case to a judge outside the North Central Judicial District.

The other charges against Castleman were assigned to Northeast District Court Judge Michael Hurly, after all of the judges in the North Central Judicial District recused themselves from hearing cases against Castleman. One of the judges had heard Castleman’s divorce case. Castleman had previously been acquitted of simple assault-domestic violence at a trial in North Central District Court and the state had previously filed child abuse charges against Castleman that were then dismissed by a North Central District Court judge because the state said it needed more time to investigate. The state then refiled the new cases against Castleman.

Castleman has pleaded not guilty to the previous charges. He is accused of physical and emotional abuse of the children in the felony case.

Castleman is currently free on $50,000 bond in the other cases.