Ward County 4-H announces Achievement Day winners

Area 4-H members receive awards for livestock, pets, static exhibits

Submitted Photo Marissa Beck displays her Champion Intermediate Cat Showman ribbon with her show cat.

Approximately 240 4-H youth members attended the 87th annual Ward County Achievement Days June 17 through June 20 at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds in Minot.

Awards from the Open Horse Show, judged by Courtney Graf of Coleharbor, went to: Champion Senior Horse Showman, InDee Sue Thunshelle, Minot; Reserve Champion Senior Horse Showman, Sidney Lovelace, Sawyer; Champion Intermediate Horse Showman, Macey Moore, Berthold; Reserve Champion Intermediate Horse Showman, Anne Schauer, Carpio; Champion Junior Horse Showman, Olivia Johnson, Minot; and Reserve Champion Junior Horse Showman, Bailey Bloms, Carpio.

The horse show included english, western, and timed events, as well as the horse training project. The horse training project gives young horsemen and women the chance to train their own young horse and track their progress. This is exclusively offered at the county level. Belt buckles were given to those who earned the most points in each Senior, Intermediate, and Junior age groups.

Awards from the Dog Show, judged by Lindy Berg of Cando, went to: Champion Intermediate Dog Obedience and Showmanship, Sarah Potts, Minot; and Champion Junior Dog Obedience and Showmanship, Gabe Scheresky, Max.

The Cat and Small Pet Show, judged by Alaura Allard of Minot, awarded the following: Champion Intermediate Cat Showman Marissa Beck, Minot; and Champion Intermediate Small Animal Showman to Ethan Bulow, Minot.

Submitted Photo Anne Schauer holds her Best of Show ribbon for her Norwegian wedding cake.

Youth exhibiting their dogs competed in obedience and showmanship classes. During obedience, the judge asked exhibitors to perform a series of different commands and tasks, demonstrating their dogs’ levels of obedience. In showmanship, the youth were quizzed on their knowledge of their dog and how well they could display their dog’s breed characteristics.

Cat owners displayed how healthy their animals are and were quizzed on how they take care of their animal as well as basic anatomy. The pet show included gerbils, a guinea pig and a miniature horse. These exhibitors were also asked how well they take care of their pet and basic anatomy questions.

The Livestock Show was judged by Brian Zimprich, Lisbon.

Swine awards went to Champion Senior Swine Showman, Brekken Bachmeier, Granville; Champion Intermediate Swine Showman, Sophie Bachmeier, Granville; Champion Junior Swine Showman, Augustus Engelhard, Carpio; Champion Market Swine, Braden Bailey, Towner; and Champion Supreme Female Swine, S. Bachmeier.

Sheep Show awards went to Champion Senior Sheep Showman, Matthew Schauer, Carpio; Champion Intermediate Sheep Showman, Mark Schauer, Carpio; Champion Junior Sheep Showman, Hailey Schauer, Carpio; Champion Supreme Female Sheep, Mat. Schauer; and Champion Market Lamb, Mark Schauer.

Submitted Photo Madilyn Berg walks her horse up to the trail pattern at Ward County Achievement Days.

There are two types of goats, meat and dairy, each judged separately. Awards were as follows: Champion Senior Meat Goat Showman, Fletcher Hennessy, Des Lacs; Champion Intermediate Meat Goat Showman, Karter Myers, Minot; and Champion Junior Meat Goat Showman, Layne Korgel, Minot; Champion Senior Dairy Goat Showman, Colt Kersten, Max; Champion Intermediate Dairy Goat Showman, W. Bachmeier; and Champion Junior Dairy Goat Showman, Danny Kersten, Max. Belt buckle awards were given for: Champion Commercial Goat, F. Hennessy; Champion Percentage Boer Goat, F. Hennessy; Champion Purebred Boer Goat, F. Hennessy; Champion Dairy Goat, W. Bachmeier, and Champion Market Goat, Kaden Korgel, Minot.

Beef Cattle Show awards were: Champion Beef Senior Showman, F. Hennessy; Champion Beef Intermediate Showman, Abbey Schaefer, Des Lacs; Champion Beef Junior Showman, Sutton Hennessy Des Lacs; Champion Beef Supreme Female, Schaefer; Champion Market Beef, Schaefer; and Champion Simmental Female, Bailey.

Youth who received grand and reserve champion compete against each other for all-species best showman. The winners of round robin were: Champion Senior Round Robin, K. Korgel; Champion Intermediate Round Robin, Mark Schauer; and Champion Junior Round, Robin L. Korgel.

The Rabbit and Poultry Show was judged by Anna Wykoski from Colorado. Awards were: Champion Senior Rabbit Showman, C. Kersten; Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman, Wyatt Kersten, Max; Champion Junior Showman, D. Kersten; Champion Overall Rabbit, C. Kersten; Champion Senior Poultry Showman, David Scheresky, Des Lacs; Champion Intermediate Poultry Showman, W. Bachmeier; Champion Junior Poultry Showman, D. Kersten; and Overall Champion Poultry, D. Kersten.

Cloverbuds Brooklyn and Afton Ost competed in the small Dairy Show.

Thirty static exhibit judges distributed ribbons to more than 1,000 projects.

Best of Show results were: Plant Science – Teen, Hannah Remington, Minot, and Pre-teen, Faith Pearson, Donnybrook; Environment- Teen, Lydia Repnow, Minot, and Pre-teen, Cole Whitcher, Minot; Science, Engineering and Technology – Teen, Mariah Braasch, Minot, and Pre-teen, Landen Jansen, Minot; Civic Engagement, Personal Development and Leadership – Teen, Justin Volson, Minot, and Pre-Teen, Olivia Jansen, Minot; Arts and Crafts – Teen, Lovelace, and Pre-teen, G. Scheresky; Healthy Living – Teen, A. Schauer, and Pre-teen, Joseph Shappell, Minot; Family and Consumer Science – Teen, Hannah Peterson, Minot, and Pre-teen, Isabel Engelhard, Carpio; Animal and Veterinary Science – Teen, Will Bachmeier, Granville, and Pre-teen, Sadie Lemer, Berthold.

Other static awards given were Champion Leather Craft to Heath Heilman, Voltaire; Champion Fiber Arts: Quilting to I. Engelhard; Champion Sheaf Exhibit to W. Bachmeier; Champion Harvest Grain and Seed Exhibit to Kiley Whillock, Kenmare; and Champion Agriculturist to W. Bachmeier.

Minot Daily News was awarded the Friend of 4-H Business Award. The Friend of 4-H Individual Award went to Steve Hoff, an employee at the State Fair. Outstanding 4-H Club Exhibit Display awards, given to clubs for booth decoration, went to: first and cash prize, Prairie Tumbleweeds; second, Rocky Acres; and third, Prairie Ryders.

The 12 graduating senior 4-H members recognized during the awards ceremony were Baylee Bachmeier, Granville; Madilyn Berg, Douglas; Christina Bingham and Cayley Olson, Max; Dalyce Leslie, Deering; Lovelace, Ryley Moore, Berthold; Remington, T. Schauer, Kayla VoVilla and Peri Wilson, Minot; and Garrett Williams, Ryder.

Ward County 4-H Scholarships were awarded to Berg, Lovelace, Olson, T. Schauer, Hope Scheresky of Max and Williams. The Cody Hansen Memorial Scholarship was awarded to T. Schauer.

The Reiny Inman Memorial “Character Award” is given to a youth displaying 4-H’s six pillars of character – trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. The award went to Leslie.

The Chelsey Lies Memorial “All Around Animal Showman” award is based on a point system and the individual must show livestock. The award went to D. Kersten.

Champion Herdsmen cash prizes were given to individuals or families who best kept their animal stalls and pens clean throughout the whole week of achievement days. The beef recipient was Anna Petersen, Bowbells, and sheep recipient was Abbey Finke, Berthold. Receiving both swine and goat herdsman awards was Aidan McMahon, Granville.

Ward County Commissioner John Fjeldahl presented awards at the ceremony Emcee was Ward County 4-H Council President Bryan Korgel.

Following the awards ceremony, a Peewee Pig Show and Premium Sale was held for youth ages 5 and younger, who showed pigs with the help of a 4-H member. Premium sale auctioneer was Mike Sundsbak.


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