Bactrian camel at Roosevelt Park Zoo dies

Submitted Photo Sisco, left, and Priya, Minot’s Roosevelt Park Zoo’s Bactrian camels are shown in this photo. Priya has died as the result of detrimental injuries, zoo officials said.

The 2-year-old Bactrian camel at Minot’s Roosevelt Park Zoo was found deceased Friday morning at the zoo, according to a news release.

Zoo Veterinarian Dr. Logan Wood conducted a necropsy. Welfare & Wellness Committee executive staff determined the cause of death was due to detrimental injuries sustained during the night.

“Priya’s story was unique in that we knew she was coming to live with us at RPZ before she was born. We happily made a joint announcement with a sister AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) zoo about her birth on March 24, 2017. Her name, ‘Priya,’ meaning ‘beloved’ was the result of a collaborative naming contest in which RPZ and her birth zoo raised money for conservation.

“Priya arrived at RPZ one year later on the same trip with her new camel buddy Sisco. The pair made the news when they moved across RPZ and became the first residents in the attractive new camel-bison barn on the North Trail. The move was a Capital Campaign milestone, as the camels’ vacated home is soon to become the new African lion habitat,” according to zoo information.

“From the beginning, Priya and Sisco were character opposites, but good to and for each other. Priya was always a bit more high-strung and skeptical than the curious and friendly Sisco. Bactrian camels are social creatures. As Sisco is especially so, RPZ will look to add a camel right away to keep Sisco company,” zoo officials said.