More information about arrest of Daniel Dumas; Mildred Bintliff not located

A police affidavit provides more details about the arrest of Daniel Norman Dumas, 29, who is accused of intent to deliver methamphetamine, heroin and a Schedule II controlled substance early Thursday.

According to the affidavit, police stopped a vehicle driven by Mildred Bintliff, 20, on Burdick Expressway at 1:06 a.m. because the car had no brake light or light shining on the license plate. Dumas was a passenger in the vehicle and initially gave police a fake name but his correct date of birth. Officer Andrew Roach typed his birthdate into the computer and Dumas’s name popped up. Roach identified the passenger as Dumas using his past booking photos. Dumas had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation from the North Dakota State Penitentiary.

The officers walked back to the car, asked Dumas for ID and he said he did not have one. Officer Kevin Cory noted that there was an open bottle of alcohol on the seat next to Dumas. Cory asked Dumas what it was and Dumas started drinking from the bottle. Cory grabbed the bottle and threw it behind him. Dumas then started reaching to the right of his seat and Cory reached through the window and grabbed his arm. Dumas then started rolling up the car window on Cory’s arm and trapped Cory’s arm in the window. Cory then started hitting Dumas in the head with an open palm. Dumas then began pulling down on Cory’s arm. Roach was shouting at Dumas to get out of the vehicle and pointed his pistol at Dumas. Roach then holstered the pistol and grabbed a taser and tried to tase Dumas through the three inch gap in the window. Roach was unable to successfully tase Dumas and Dumas continued to fight with Cory. Cory got his arm free from the window and started trying to break the window with his flash light. Dumas yelled at Bintliff to drive away and Bintliff fled west on East Burdick Expressway, nearly striking Cory.

Another officer then began pursuing Dumas. The vehicle headed north on Broadway, driving in an erratic fashion. At some point Bintliff and Dumas appearently switched seats and Dumas was driving the vehicle. Another officer pursued the vehicle to Northwest Minot, saw the vehicle stop near two northwest Minot apartments, and saw Dumas get out and flee into one of the apartments. A female resident of the apartment called police to report that a man was in the apartment. Officers set up a barricade and ordered Dumas to come out. About five minutes later, he left the apartment and was placed under arrest. The residents of the apartment told police they had been asleep when a man and a woman ran into their apartment. They did not recognize either of the trespassers. The residents of the apartment then ran out the back door of the apartment.

Police searched the vehicle Bintliff and Dumas had been in and found a spoon with suspected heroin residue. A brown bag included two ounces of methamphetamine wrapped in tinfoil, four grams of heroin, wrapped in tinfoil, one gram of cocaine wrapped in tinfoil, 33 blue pills inside a plastic baggie, a tan digital scale with suspected drug residue, and a brown smoking device.

Police did not immediately locate Bintliff, who also has a history of drug-related convictions, according to the affidavit.

Dumas is being held on $250,000 bond at the Ward County Jail. He is charged with Class A felony delivery of 50 grams or more of methamphetamine, Class B felony possession with intent to deliver heroin, possession with intent to deliver a Schedule II controlled substance, Class C felony possession of cocaine, Class C felony possession of drug paraphernalia, Class C felony criminal trespass, Class C felony simple assault on a police officer, Class C felony conspiracy to resist arrest, Class A misdemeanor false information to law enforcement, and Class A misdemeanor fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle.