Book says ‘North Dakotans Never Give Up’

Submitted Photo This is the cover of Larry Aasen’s new book, “North Dakotans Never Give Up.” Photos on the book cover are (from top to bottom) top row, from left, John Hancock, Roger Maris, Clara Aasen; second row, from left, Fritz Pollard, Angie Dickinson, John C. West; third row, from left, Lynn W. Aas, Eric Sevareid, Frank Eversull; fourth row, from left, Peggy Lee, Lawrence Welk, Milton Aasen.

North Dakota native Lawrence “Larry” Aasen wrote “North Dakotans Never Give Up,” to tell stories about farmers, businessmen, students and celebrities who overcame difficulties.

Aasen, 96, who lives in Westport, Conn., with his wife Martha, wrote the 82-page book to honor those North Dakota pioneers who came to North Dakota and stayed, according to a news release.

“They started farms, towns, churches, schools – and took on depressions, crop failures, snowstorms and loneliness. They did not give up,” the news release said.

Aasen has written three previous books on North Dakota and many articles, according to the news release from Ellery Press of Westport, Conn.

World War II veteran Lynn Aas of Minot is among the people recognized in Aasen’s book. Aas, who served with the 17th Airborne Division of the 193rd Airborne Infantry, was in the Battle of the Bulge.

Aasen also writes about well-known North Dakotans including singer Peggy Lee, born at Jamestown; bandleader Lawrence Welk, at Strasburg; and television commentator Eric Sevareid, who grew up in Velva.

In his book he also tells about others who “never gave up.”

The book contains 90 photos and also anecdotes and reminiscences about earlier day North Dakota life.

Aasen was born in a log house on a farm near Gardner and grew up on a farm near Hillsboro, both in eastern North Dakota. He attended North Dakota State University, Fargo, and graduated from the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, in 1947. After serving in World War II, he received a master’s degree from Boston University. He worked in New York City for 35 years in journalism and public relations.

The book is available by email to; calling 207-466-9274 or writing Ellery Press, 42 Masonic Street, Rockland, Maine 04841. Cost is $18. Shipping is free.