Ward County hosts 3D Archery Shoot

Submitted Photo Cole Whitcher aims at his target during the 3D Archery Shoot in Minot. Whitcher stands at a pink-marked stake. Different colors represent the age group that shoots from that distance. Yellow flags are for older age groups and are a farther distance away from the target. Pink markers are closer to the target than yellow markers.

Eleven Ward County 4-H members attended the 3D Archery Shoot in Minot at the Souris Valley Bowmen Range on May 18.

Categories are split up by age and type of bow the individual uses. Ages include Beginner, who are ages 8 to 10; Junior, ages 11 to 13; and Senior, ages 14 to 18. There are two types of bows, Barebow and Freestyle. Barebow have no sights or releases. If a bow has either a sight or release they are put into the Freestyle category.

There are some differences between the indoor archery season and the 3D archery season. Indoor archery is completed indoors during the winter and use regular bullseye targets. 3D archery has targets outdoors and they are in various shapes and sizes; the season is during the spring. At this particular shoot, there were 28 3D targets.

Competing in the Senior Freestyle division were Ethan Myers, Kaden Korgel and Sarah Potts, all Minot. Winning Senior Freestyle was Myers with a score of 231. K. Korgel placed third with a score of 159. Potts placed fourth with a score of 140. The only youth competing in the Senior Barebow was Myers who shot a 177.

Junior Freestyle contestants were Teagan Strilcov, Minot; Peyton Helwig, Kenmare; and Layne Korgel, Minot. Strilcov placed fifth with a score of 150, P. Helwig placed sixth with a score of 144 and L. Korgel placed seventh with a score of 131. Competing in Junior Barebow was Brooklyn Bloms from Carpio. Brooklyn Bloms placed fourth with a score of 161.

In Beginner Freestyle, Ward County was represented by Cole Whitcher, Minot, and Elise Helwig, Kenmare. Whitcher placed fifth with a score of 202 and E. Helwig placed seventh with a score of 122. Representing Ward County in Beginner Barebow were Cheyenne Degenstein, Berthold; and Brynlee Bloms, Carpio. Degenstein won the Beginner Barebow category with a score of 159. Brynlee Bloms was close behind in second place with a score of 154.

Many volunteers made this event happen, some of these volunteers got to explore the course and earn scores themselves. From Ward County, Dustin Myers, Bryan Korgel and Sheldon Whitcher tried their hand at the archery course.