Skyler Lavallie, Stephen Freeman charged with burglarizing Minot storage unit

Skyler Andrew Lavallie, 29, Dunseith, and Stephen Patrick Freeman, 33, Minot, are accused of burglarizing a storage unit at Triple AAA Storage in Minot early Wednesday morning.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, a Ward County Deputy spotted a vehicle with Turtle Mountain Reservation plates parked in the back of the storage building next to an open storage door at 2:49 a.m. He then saw Lavallie run around the vehicle and get in the driver’s seat. Freeman was a passenger in the vehicle.

Lavallie told the deputy that the storage unit was his girlfriend’s and she had receive da call that it had been broken into. The deputy saw that the lock on the storage unit door had been broken off. Lavallie gave permission for his vehicle to be searched. The search turned up several flashlights, two facemasks, and a pry bar. There were multiple items in the back seat, including a container with multiple letters addressed to the renter of the storage unit, who was not Lavallie’s girlfriend.

Lavallie and Freeman are each charged with Class C felony burglary and Class C felony conspiracy to commit burglary in district court in Minot.

Preliminary hearings are scheduled for June 20 before Judge Doug Mattson.


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