Judge refuses to accept plea deal for Rosa Winanz in aggravated assault case

Judge Doug Mattson refused to accept a plea deal for Rosa Maria Winanz, 29, of Mandaree on Wednesday in an aggravated assault case. The plea deal would have called for Winanz to serve six months in prison for punching two other women in the face without provocation at the Ward County Jail and breaking one woman’s nose on April 19.

The plea deal called for Winanz to plead guilty to Class C felony aggravated assault. A second Class B misdemeanor simple assault charge would have been dismissed.

The state revoked Winanz’s probation in two other cases and she is serving an 18 month sentence. The plea deal called for the six month sentence to run concurrently with the other sentences.

Mattson said he would not accept the plea deal. Judges are not supposed to give their reasons for accepting or rejecting a deal and Mattson did not.

Winanz’s defense attorney said she would continue negotiating with the state.

A new change of plea hearing has now been scheduled for May 20 before Judge Todd Cresap.


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