Daughters of Norway invite Nordic ladies to meeting

On Sunday, May 5, at 2 p.m., Nordic ladies are invited to attend the Mina Aasen 55 Daughters of Norway meeting. Author Glory Ann Monson will speak about her inspiration in writing her novel “Huldre: Journey of the Hidden Ones.” She will also reveal information about her next book.

Monson says, “‘Huldre: Journey of the Hidden Ones’ relates the journey of discovery for five young adults — a wealthy California artist, a successful San Francisco ballet dancer, two rebellious Norwegian farmers and a Sioux Indian. Their lives unexpectedly collide in North Dakota in 1934 near the end of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. Each young person comes with a dream and a secret capable of destroying them. Their relationships are complicated by the ethnic and social diversity among them and exacerbated by cultural prejudices and bigotry. Eventually their differences lead each to a point of no return, with no alternative but to face their own truths even when it means losing their dreams and those they love.”

Monson is more than just an author, she is also an educator. She and her late husband, Bill Monson, both worked as teachers. She worked as an art coordinator in Crookston, Minn. at the beginning before moving to Califnornia to puruse a teaching career. When their oldest daughter was four, they decided to move back to North Dakota. They taught in Minot and in Rugby where they raised two daughters.

Currently living in Rugby, Monson enjoys keeping up with her grandchildrens’ activities. She has been active in Village Arts, a nonprofit organization that has been bringing the arts to Rugby and the surrounding community, for over 50 years.

Bonnie Berginski, the current Director of Village Arts, says, “To learn about Village Arts’ history, you have to meet Glory Monson. Because Glory Monson is Village Arts.”

Monson worked with Village Arts until very recently, providing a musical each summer, children’s productions and painting classes.

Being of Norwegian descent, Monson decided to have her novel reflect that. Folklore is an important aspect of the Norwegian culture, which inspired aspects of writing in her novel and the title relates to that. ‘Huldre’ is a person in Norwegian folklore who calls someone away from his or her destiny, according to Monson.

Potential members interested in attending this event should call Sue at 838-5710 or send an email to minalodge55@gmail.com to RSVP.

Refreshments will be served.


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