Baby serow joins Roosevelt Park Zoo family

Submitted Photo A baby serow was born at Minot’s Roosevelt Park Zoo on Monday. Now the zoo has three male and three female serows.

Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot has another new baby.

A female Japanese serow was born at the zoo on Monday, said Jennifer Kleen, Minot Zoo Crew executive director.

With the baby serow, the zoo now has six serows – three males and three females, Kleen said.

The Japanese serow is a Japanese goat-antelope, an even-toed ungulate mammal and a national symbol of Japan

Serows are native to the mountains of the Japanese islands of Shikoku, Kyushu and Honshu, according to zoo information. Herbivores, in the wild they eat fleshy leaves, shoots, wood/bark and evergreen “leaves.” They can lived up to 20 years.

Besides the baby female serow, Roosevelt Park Zoo’s “baby count” now includes a female bison, male kangaroo and a dik-dik.