Blake Lund, Minot, sentenced for terrorizing, criminal mischief, burglary

Blake Cody Lund, 38, Minot, will serve about two years in prison and three years of supervised probation for breaking down a dead-bolted door to an occupied Minot residence and brandishing a large knife on Sept. 24, for damaging a police robot on Nov. 16, and for burglarizing a residence and stealing a car on Feb. 21.

The state dropped numerous other charges against Lund under the terms of a binding plea deal, but will require him to pay restitution to the victims from those other cases as a condition of probation.

Lund received concurrent or consecutive suspended sentences on the other charges. He will also pay court costs.

Lund wrote a letter apologizing for his crimes which his lawyer, Tim Wilhelm, summarized in court. Wilhelm said Lund had no criminal record to speak of until last year, when a long-time relationship broke up, his children moved out of state and he lost his job. Then Lund’s drinking got out of control and he began using methamphetamines and his behavior deteriorated further. Wilhelm said “meth-induced psychosis” is an explanation for some of Lund’s crimes, though not an excuse.

Lund said in court on Tuesday that he broke down the wrong door on Sept. 24 and he had never intended to hurt the residents of that apartment. Lund said he had received a text that his girlfriend at the time was being raped and he had the wrong apartment. The male resident of the apartment retrieved a gun and held it on Lund. Lund tackled him, according to court records, and the gun went off during the struggle and a round was later found lodged in the wall. Lund then fled the scene. A man, a woman, and two teenage girls were in the apartment at the time. Lund entered Alford pleas to Class C felony burglary and Class C felony terrorizing with a dangerous weapon for that incident in court on Tuesday. The Alford pleas mean that he disputes some aspects of the state’s assertions, but recognizes he might be found guilty if the case went to trial.

Lund also pleaded guilty to Class C felony criminal mischief for stabbing a police robot with a knife on Nov. 16. Lund had barricaded himself inside his residence and refused to come out on that date. The police called in a SWAT team and the bomb squad and sent in a robot to try to locate Lund. Lund attacked the robot with a knife and pushed it down a flight of stairs. The robot had to be shipped away for repair. Lund will be required to pay restitution of $21,669 for the damage to the robot.

Lund also pleaded guilty to burglarizing the residence and being in possession of the stolen vehicle, a Yukon, on Feb. 21. On that date, Ward County Narcotics Task Force officers had staked out Lund’s residence, saw him back the stolen vehicle out of the garage and followed him to the Tesoro gas station. Lund ran from the officers, who caught him, pushed him into a snowbank and placed him under arrest.

Lund had been charged with trying to escape from the Ward County Jail in March by shattering the exterior window in one cell with a hard plastic cup. The state agreed to dismiss that felony charge as part of a plea deal. Numerous other charges racked up by Lund in the past year were also dismissed under the terms of the deal.

Lund will also receive credit for the time he has served in jail.

“I would guess he is not eligible for good time, given the escape charge that the state is dismissing,” Ward County State’s Attorney Roza Larson told Judge Todd Cresap on Tuesday morning.

Larson then looked over at one of the deputies in the courtroom, who nodded his head that Lund is not eligible for time off for good behavior.

Lund must also obtain a chemical dependency evaluation and follow through on any recommended treatment as a condition of his probation.

Larson said she hopes that Lund will get the help he needs while he is serving his prison sentence.

Lund hopes to go back to Wisconsin to serve out his probation after he is released from prison and return to work as an electrician.