New workshop being offered works to reduce falls in older adults

As you age, the chances of a serious fall can go up. To help try and reduce these chances, the “Stepping On” workshop is being brought to Minot on April 9 for a seven week program to help reduce the chance of a fall in older adults.

The program will start at 2 p.m. on April 9 at Zion Lutheran Church and meet once a week. The workshop is free of charge thanks to the funding from the Older Americans Act. The workshop works to help participants identify why they fall and different ways to prevent falls.

Research has shown that “Stepping On” reduces rate of falls by 31 percent in people who complete the workshop. Through strength and balance exercises, home safety check suggestions and medication review, participants can work to recognize the why they may fall.

The workshop is open to anyone who has fallen or who fear falling. Participants are expected to leave with more strength, achieve better balance and experience a feeling of confidence and independence as a result of the many parts of the “Stepping On” program.

The deadline to register is April 5.

For more information or to register for “Stepping On,” contact the NDSU Extension at 857-6450 or by emailing