Men Rise Up

Our Lady of Grace invited men to take part in 30 Day Challenge

Submitted Photo Men at Our Lady of Grace will be taking part in the Men Rise Up Challenge beginning Ash Wednesday. Seated from left to right are: Jeff Schmidt, Ricky Aberle. Standing from left to right: Jim Bierschbach, Brandon Mosbrucker, Mark Vickerman.

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Minot wants to help men reconnect with their faith and about what it means to be a man of God.

They are taking part in the Men Rise Up challenge, which individual men and churches all over the world will be participating in this spring.

Church member Jeff Case, who took the challenge last year, said this year’s challenge begins Ash Wednesday, which this year is March 6. The cost to register for the challenge, which was launched by popular Catholic author Chris Stefanick, is $30. Men can call 852-3002 to register at Our Lady of Grace. More information about the challenge is also available online at www.cardinalstudios.org/rise

Case said men who participate will log on to a website and view the two to three minute video on a challenge for the day on their smart phone or computer. Then, later in the afternoon or evening, they will have a five to seven minute conversation with a friend who is going through the challenge with them. They will then talk about video and the daily challenge. One of the questions asked last year was “What was my first experience of God when I was a child?” said Case.

Case also said men don’t have to be members of the church to participate.

Case said there will also be a weekly meeting at the church for those who want to get together with others who are taking the challenge, but the meeting is totally optional.

Case said people these days are all busy, so it might be hard to make a meeting. One of the advantages of this challenge is that it only takes a few minutes per day.

Father Bruce Krebs, pastor at Our Lady of Grace, said the challenges are different for men who are living in different circumstances, like men who are single, divorced, or married with children.

Krebs said one of the goals of the challenge is to help men become more involved as fathers, husbands, and leaders in the community and in their relationship with God. Too many men are detached from those roles these days for various reasons, said Krebs, sometimes because they have not had anyone in their lives as a role model who can guide them and because the culture around them emphasizes the wrong things.

Case said the 30 days will go by fast.