ND US senators on deal to re-open the government

North Dakota’s U.S. senators provided statements on President Trump’s deal to re-open the government.

“I will support this deal. While Speaker Pelosi refused to even come to the table and negotiate, President Trump was the adult in the room who ended this impasse. The president is right: Congress needs to step up and tackle immigration reform, but this shutdown has demonstrated larger problems in the way our government is run. Congress should consider including broad budgetary and personnel reforms in any future deals,” said Sen. Kevin Cramer.

During the shutdown, Cramer supported several bills that would assist federal workers not being paid, including a bill to ensure those furloughed receive back pay, a bill to pay those currently working through the shutdown, and a bill to pay the Coast Guard during the shutdown.

Sen. John Hoeven said, “The deal the President announced today will fund the remaining 25 percent of government for the next three weeks. That will ensure that the government is fully open and operating for our citizens and that federal workers receive their pay. At the same time, we need to continue to work to get funding for border security. Democrats have indicated that they are willing to work with us, and now they need to follow through so we can enact a plan that includes funding for people, technology and a barrier in order to ensure proper border security. In addition, we should also pass the remaining appropriations bills, which have gone through the Appropriations Committee on a bipartisan basis, in order to fund the government through the full fiscal year.”

Hoeven has been selected to serve on the conference committee to negotiate the Homeland Security Appropriations bill.