EPA awards over $200,000 to Three Affiliated Tribes to develop wetland program

DENVER – The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $200,991 to the Three Affiliated Tribes to develop a wetlands program for the Fort Berthold Reservation.

The program will allow the tribal Environmental Division to develop a wetland program plan and inventory. It will also map aquatic resources, assess, monitor and protect reservation wetland resources.

“Providing the tribes with these resources to establish a wetlands program will result in positive outcomes for the environment and the community,” said Darcy O’Connor, assistant regional administrator of the Office of Water Protection. “The aquatic resource inventory will assist decision making in all areas of future development on the reservation so that waters are protected.”

“MHA Nation greatly appreciates this grant,” said Tribal Chairman Mark Fox. “We will use it to continue to protect and safeguard our land.”

EPA has awarded over $2.5 million in wetlands grant funding for 11 projects across EPA’s mountains and plains region of the West.