Ebony Nordelus, Xavier Taylor of Florida charged with possession of stolen debit cards and check blanks

Ebony Janise Nordelus, 34, Loralsprings, Fla., and Xavier Avanti Taylor, 26, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., are each charged with five Class C felony counts of dealing in stolen property after a traffic stop on Monday.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Nordelus was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving on the U.S. Highway 83 bypass. She said she and Taylor were coming from a hotel and were going out to get something to drink. She said she had rented the vehicle in Florida and didn’t know Taylor by name. Police searched the vehicle and asked Taylor to step out of the vehicle. He had $11,446 in cash in his pocket that he said he had won at a casino in Montana. Also found in the back of the vehicle were multiple pairs of men’s and women’s clothing and a grocery bag filled with multiple IDs and credit and debit cards and multiple check blanks which had been stolen from multiple states.

Taylor told police he and his brother and other people had driven the van from Florida to Minot and had picked up Nordelus at an airport. He did not know what the purpose of the trip was and was just along for the ride. Taylor told police none of the items in the van belonged to him and Nordelus hadn’t been along on the initial trip. The other people in the vehicle were friends of a friend. The search also turned up a screw driver in the passenger door panel and tool marks on various panels in the van. There was marijuana residue in the van but no other drugs.