Eric Deck, Minot, charged with punching police officer in the face

Eric Beeler Deck, 35, Minot, is accused of punching a Minot police officer in the face on Wednesday evening.

He is charged with a Class C felony in district court in Minot.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court, police responded to a call from Nola’s Bar at 919 West Burdick Expressway. Staff claimed Deck had been refusing to leave, waving a stick at customers, and yelling. Officer Christopher Robinson wrote in the affidavit that Deck seemed agitated and was pacing around the parking lot holding a basketball when they arrived. Deck allegedly said he was not going to jail or rehab and threatened to “take all three” of the police officers if they tried. Robinson tried to talk to Deck to get him to leave and Deck said he would punch Robinson if he tried. Robinson wrote that Deck grew tense, flexed his arms, and ground his jaw. Another officer picked up Deck’s basketball from the ground and walked towards the basketball courts. Deck followed to the edge of the parking lot and then turned around and walked back to the backside of the building. Robinson approached Deck. He wrote that Deck grew quiet and “gave him a “thousand yard stare.” Deck then started twisting his body and swung his right fist at Robinson’s face. Robinson tried to block the blow with his hands, but the punch slipped through his fingers and hit his right lower lip. Deck continued to twist and tried to run to the west. Robinson tried to grab him. Senior Officer Joshua Noyes then used his taser on Deck and Deck collapsed to the ground and was handcuffed. A search of Deck turned up marijuana, a pocket knife and a gun-shaped lighter.

Deck was taken to the hospital by ambulance to be checked out and then was transported to the Ward County Jail.

In court on Thursday, Deck appeared via interactive television from the Ward County Jail. Deck told Judge Gary Lee that he wants to represent himself. He took off his shirt and said he wanted to show Lee the injuries to his back and front. He claimed that the business had no reason to want him removed and said he wants to work and contribute to the community.

Lee set bond at $5,000 cash or corporate surety. Deck is on parole from Tennessee on a charge of delivery of a controlled substance, Ward County Assistant State’s Attorney William O’Driscoll told Lee. He has a local probation officer. Deck said his mailing address is in Stanley but he has been living in Minot. Lee also urged Deck to request a court-appointed attorney for the felony charge.