Logging time at the fair

Log Guys enjoy time in Minot

Kim Fundingsland/MDN Jacque and Dale Sims relax on a log swing at The Log Guys display in the Commercial II building at the State Fair. This year is their fourth at the North Dakota State Fair.

Their display is attention getting. Their products and style are unique. Visitors to the State Fair enjoy the quality and the price. And, for the Log Guys, the North Dakota State Fair is tops.

“This is our fourth year at the fair,” said Jacque Sims, The Log Guys from behind a log counter at their display in the Commercial II building. “This is a big fair. This is our favorite fair. I’ve been to a lot of places and this is one of the cleanest, nicest places I’ve ever gone to.”

Fair visitors are attracted to the products The Log Guys brought to the fair. They have been building log furniture for 18 years. This year’s display includes a wide variety of custom built furniture that reflects an outdoor lifestyle.

“Our swings are actually our best sellers,” said Sims. “We do a lot of outdoor furniture. We also build dressers, bedroom sets, tables, dining room tables and custom furniture.”

The Log Guys bring a lot of furniture to the fair, meaning most purchases can be taken home without the need to pay freight from their place of manufacture in Cody, Wyoming. Sims says that’s a big plus for people at the fair.

The Log Guys appear at about eight fairs and vendor shows each year, mostly during the summer months. Sims uses vacation time from her job as a UPS driver to go on the road with the log products.

“We build all winter to keep up with all the orders,” explained Sims. “At this fair we meet people from Canada to almost every state. A lot of them have cabins, places at the lake and such. Then there’s people who have remodeled in one way or another and this is something they were looking for. All of our furniture is log furniture.”

Sometimes, says Sims, The Log Guys are asked to do custom work. That involves measuring and planning to build with logs or a log-look to fit precisely where customers have a need or desire.

“What we have is the change in decor that some people were going after. They were looking for something and having a hard time finding it. There’s not too many trees in North Dakota,” laughed Sims.

As for the North Dakota State Fair, Sims says it remains the one The Log Guys look forward to each year.

“People here are family oriented. The people who come to the fair are here to have a good time,” said Sims. “It’s just a great fair. A great fair.”


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