Sipma elected mayor

Sipma credits government change movement for win

Minot’s mayor-elect, Shaun Sipma, credited the city government change that started in 2016 for helping sweep him into a new office.

In the unofficial tally, current council member Sipma received 3,056 votes to 2,554 for Timothy Mihalick and 622 for Nancy Bommelman to become Minot’s next mayor. Sipma said the results show voters support the changes occurring.

“A lot of them were still looking at the momentum that we created with #MakeMinot, with stepping up to the plate and looking at long-term change,” said Sipma, who was a leader of the movement. “Really, the passion that we bring to this – it’s not just about a part-time job and showing up to vote, but it’s a long-term vision.”

He also voiced his thanks to the other mayoral candidates for putting themselves forward. One of #MakeMinot’s goals was to generate more interest and create more candidate contests.

“This experience has been fantastic. I have learned lot about the city. I learned I have a lot to give to the city,” Mihalick said.

Mihalick was employed for 36 years by IRET and its affiliates. He served as company president and CEO for eight years prior to his retirement in April of 2017. He became business development officer for First Western Bank & Trust last September.

“I thought the voters were looking for change and a different vision,” he said, identifying Sipma as part of the existing administration. “Obviously, the voters decided to go in a different direction. I am not done. I am disappointed but not defeated. I am still going to hold him (Sipma) accountable because there’s a lot of stuff that needs to get straightened out.”

Bommelman, a long-time Minot resident and employee at Menards, also said the campaign experience was positive for her, encouraging her to possibly run again at a future time.

“I think I did a pretty good job of getting my message out,” she said. She said she sought to listen to residents and felt they appreciated that of her.

Sipma, an agent for N.D. Farmers Union Mutual Insurance, is vice president of the Minot City Council and secretary of the board for Farm Rescue. He is a former television journalist in Minot.

He said he will begin conversations immediately to find a successor for the two years remaining on his council term. The council could choose to fill by appointment when it reorganizes June 26.


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