Ghost Hunter coming to Minot

Most conferences choose their speakers that are related to their topic or cause, but what if the chosen guest speaker is a ghost hunter?

On Oct. 25, the North Dakota Conference of Social Welfare will be opening the doors of its conference to the public to see guest speaker Dustin Pari for one night.

The conference is usually only open to members of the group, with Pari giving two motivational lectures during the day of Oct. 25 and 26, but conference members wanted to give the public a chance to enjoy the intriguing topic of the lecture.

Dustin Pari is a part of the syfy team, TAPs, and has been a recurring member of the hit shows, “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters International.” He has spent 25 years doing research and traveled to 28 different countries. He is very passionate about what he does.

Pari is also a founder of an organization called Patch Ministry and is a highly sought after motivational speaker and Christian lecturer.

“I actually came about it by accident. I’ve been a motivational speaker for about four years but I was helping people through email online for a few years before that,” Pari said in a recent interview with the Minot Daily News.

Outside of his motivational work and paranormal research, Pari is also the chief operating officer of an oral and facial surgery business. He’s been in health care for 17 years.

In his lecture open to the public, he is going to talk about his story – what brought him to study the paranormal and his experiences.

The North Dakota Conference of Social Welfare is a group of people with the goal of improving life for everyone in North Dakota through advocating for the underprivileged, being a leader in social welfare issues, and a force in social welfare reform.

“It serves as an opportunity to build strong professional networks that help enhance the services and experiences of both agencies and families, and finally, it is a platform for legislative and related advocacy on behalf of social service agencies and the needs of families across the state,” said Tim Eissinger, president of the group.

When asked why Pari was chosen as the speaker, member Ruth Holdaway said, “We chose [Pari] because of the message his lectures give to people. Working in the social welfare field can be challenging and difficult at times so it’s important to remember how to connect with people and take care of ourselves. Mr. Pari’s lectures will help remind us of those things.”

The paranormal lecture will take place at the Grand Hotel in Minot at 8:30 p.m. The cost is $10 at the door. Doors open at 8 p.m.

For more on Dustin Pari, visit his website at www.dustinpari.com. For more information on the North Dakota Conference of Social welfare, visit www.cndsw.org.


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