Alternate states of reality

Double Feature – Photo Exhibitions at the Taube

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The Taube Museum of Art Main Gallery is featuring Clint Saunders’ photographic installation Alternate States of Reality: Finding Harmony in Chaos from Sept. 5 – Oct. 14.

Three main factors drive Saunders’ art: Photography = reality, Perception vs. reality, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Saunders is enticed by the idea of being able to use photography like a pencil where he can create the alternate realities, concepts, and images that are in his mind using a medium that was meant to capture and record things that already existed. Saunders spent years using film and darkroom techniques to create photo montages before finally switching to a digital darkroom in 2003, and eventually a digital camera in 2004.

Saunders says one of the things he loves about photography and art is that it gives us an opportunity to view the realities of others. “Artists share their perceptions of reality with the world through their art. They offer us an opportunity to see the reality through their eyes. Even with photography, which is supposed to be a deceptive medium, we have no truth. If you gave ten photographers cameras and put them in the same scene, the end result will be ten completely different photographs depicting different realities.”

About ADHD Saunders states, “one aspect of having ADHD is the feeling of having a TV turned on to all the channels at the same time. Random imagery constantly flies through my mind at a rapid pace. Still images, montages, concepts and art ideas continually appear, disappear and reappear again. Along with the images comes a compulsive need to create the images and get them out of my head where I can further explore them visually and try to understand what they mean and why they are there.”

Saunders is usually able to find meaning in the work, but he rarely discovers why the images are there in the first place. However, he finds the process both therapeutic and necessary. Saunders’ primary goal with this installation piece, that incorporates 15 years of his photomontage work, is to invite the viewer into his mind and share a small piece of his reality. It is his hope that the viewer will get a sense of what it is like inside his ADHD mind, as he tries to sort through the chaos of constant stimulation in hopes of finding harmony in the random images and ideas.

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“Those who do not have the gift of ADHD will likely feel a little overwhelmed with the barrage of stimulation, while those with the gift will probably feel right at home,” Saunders said.

The Lower Gallery features local photographer Kim Whittemore’s creative photo composites and digital illustrations. Her exhibition is titled What’s Your Story, which allows the viewer to participate in her work by starting or finishing the story that Whittemore sets before them in her seamlessly layered and nuanced images.

An artist reception will be held Thursday, Sept. 7 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m., with the artists in attendance and available for discussion with the attendees. The reception is free and open to the public with appetizers and wine served.