Summer fun begins in Minot

With the summer season under way, Minot residents are hosting barbecues and soaking up the sun.

As the Fourth of July draws near, people are looking for ways to express themselves while savoring every moment the summertime offers.

Sofia Mundo, a proud mother and Minot resident, is enjoying the outdoors with her daughters.

For Mundo, family time is best spent outside.

“I’m really excited that it’s summer,” Mundo said. “It’s better than being indoors during the winter, and we’re really enjoying the summer. I believe kids need to be outside instead of being on their electronics. Kids need to be kids and they’re supposed to be outside.”

Mundo’s five daughters have embraced the summer sun by profiting from the heated conditions.

Elena, Angel, Kat, Aria and Shania are young entrepreneurs running a thriving lemonade stand.

“I’m very proud of them,” Mundo said. “They did everything from making the table to purchasing their ingredients”

Throughout the neighborhood, everyone is enjoying lemonade and Mundo couldn’t be happier with her daughters’ effort.

“I believe the lemonade is balanced,” Mundo said. “It’s not too sweet and it’s just right.”

Scott Bagwell, a visitor from Baltimore, Maryland, brought his family on a vacation to explore the Dakota Territory Air Museum.

Hannah Peterson and Jesi Jespersen are members of the admissions staff and enjoy helping people to have a fun filled experience at the museum.

“My favorite part of the museum is meeting people from all over the world,” Peterson said. “We get people from Norway and one time a guy came all the way from Australia.”

Both inside and outside the museum walls are classically designed airplanes with breathtaking artwork.

“People really love our WWII airplanes,”Jespersen said. “Most kids love the nose cone,” she said. “Everyone loves the bright colors on the airplanes.”

Along with larger than life aircraft are generous portions of artifacts, amazing stories, and marvelous collectables to commemorate the experience.

“I think one of the biggest attractions are the WWII artifacts,” Jespersen said. “We also have a nose cone of a C-47 airplane that people can go into.”

At the Dakota Territory Air Museum, there is plenty to see and an abundance of things to do.

Those interested in viewing the attractions can call 852-8500.

The Dakota Territory Air Museum is located at 100 34th Avenue NE.

As the Fourth of July draws closer, businesses throughout Minot are opening their doors to entertain residents and salute members of the military.

Sue Bergan, the Ward County Historical Society site director, is excited to showcase additional military uniforms along with an a brand new show room.

“One of our new additions is the D.A.R. room. It stands for the Daughters of the American Revolution,” Bergan said. “Visitors can see a wonderful 48-star flag here, they can learn more about what the Daughters of the American Revolution do, there are great pictures of Rosie the Riveter along with some of our Vietnam veterans.”

During this star-spangled weekend, the Pioneer Village Historical Museum invites everyone to salute the past and explore some of Minot’s most precious treasures. Children can travel to a historic school house, discover life before the advent of electric washing machines, and revisit shops of the past.

“We have the very first courthouse in Ward County,” Bergan said. “There is a judge’s chair inside of it, a gavel and some of the equipment used in a court house during that time. We also have a general store that children absolutely adore. The children enjoy the free penny candy they receive when they enter the general store.”

For those wishing to express their patriotism, the Pioneer Village Historical Museum has an exhibit featuring rare and authentic military uniforms, genuine military medals and a wide range of military equipment.

After touring the military exhibit, guests at the Pioneer Village Historical Museum can gaze at the elegant design of the Samuelson House.

Inside this Minot masterpiece are charming collectables, priceless artwork, timeless furniture, and the chance to interact with Minot history.

The Pioneer Village Historical Museum is located at 2005 Burdick Expressway East in the Southwest corner of the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.

After touring some of the local museums, Minot residents can enjoy the latest motion pictures at Carmike Cinemas 9.

“The popcorn is always delicious and there are plenty of movies for everyone to see,” directing manager at Carmike Cinemas 9 Brandon Welsh said. “For those who like a little action we have the new ‘Tarzan’ film, we have ‘Independence Day Resurgence’ and ‘The Purge Election Year.’ Our number one movie right now is the family favorite ‘Finding Dory,’ which is still booming for us.”

Moviegoers can look forward to tall mounds of buttered popcorn, ice cold pop, and friendly service from the Carmike Cinemas 9 staff.

For those interested in viewing the latest films, Carmike Cinemas 9 is located at 2400 10th Street SW.

Neighboring the theater is Splashdown Dakota Super Slides.

As North Dakota’s largest indoor water park, people can look forward to making a big splash while others can enjoy over ample gaming inside the Splashdown Dakota Super Slides arcade.

“When people come here they are looking forward to playing fun games and checking out our three water slides,” Splashdown Dakota Super Slides Lifeguard Kao Jenne said. “To go with the three slides we have a kiddie pool and a hot tub.”

Jenne is thrilled to be a lifeguard and welcomes everyone to the chance of cooling off by the pool and winning prizes at the arcade.

Splashdown Dakota Super Slides is located at 2400 10th Street SW.

The Fourth of July is considered the biggest party of the summer.

“During the holidays, it’s all about finding your passion and deciding how you wish to spend the weekend with your family,” said Will Robertson, events coordinator at Scheels. “A lot of folks spend time at the lake. We have new tubes, kayaks, paddle boards, and we have a variety of inflatables in case you just want to sit on the lake and enjoy your friends.”

Golfing, grilling, and a plethora of opportunities beckon to residents of Minot.